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Electrical Utilities

In addition to the sponsored brands, we carry an extensive list of electrical utilities. Can't find what you're looking for? Contacts us today to speak with a helpful representative!

PPE Equipment & Testing

Printed and laminated signs and labeling

Flooded and Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Batteries and Racks

Load Banks

Medium and Large Power Transformers, Pad mount and Pole Mount

Replacement FR3 Fluid

Viper ST Reclosures

SEL Protective Relays

SEL Distribution Control

SEL Metering

SEL Fault Indicators and Sensors

SEL Remote I/O

SEL Annunciation and Notification

SEL Automation Controllers

SEL Computers

SEL Software

SEL Communications

SEL Precise Timing

SEL Cybersecurity

Enclosures and Panels


Accessories and Tools

Current Transformers and Voltage Sensors


Battery Monitoring, Testing and Charging Solutions Meeting

Cadweld Welded Electrical Connections


Grounding Products and Lightning


HDPE, Fiberglass and Polymer Concrete Underground

Enclosures, Pedestals, Splice Boxes and Sectionalizing Cabinets;

Pole Top Extensions

lighting for Roadway, Floodlight and NEMA Head Luminaires;

HPS, Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, Fluorescent

Fiber Optic Cable

Aluminum and Copper Low, Med & High voltage cable

Aluminum Clad Steel Wire

Dissolved Gas and Winding Hot Spot Monitoring,

Thermal Imaging, SF6 Detection and Monitoring

Connectors; Silicone Rubber, Porcelain and Glass Insulators;

Surge Arresters; Fiberglass Products; Cast Pole Line Hardware;


Bare Aluminum Overhead Conductor

Grounding Kits and Accessories

Concrete and Steel Buildings, Shelters, and Equipment


Outdoor FVR Style Substation Circuit Breakers

Test and Calibration Equipment for Protection Relays and

Transducers; Test Sets and Monitoring Solutions for Power

Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Instrument Transformers, Rotating

Htaps, Lugs, Cold Shrink, Load Break, Dead Break, Surge Arrestors, Wedge Clamps

Machines, HV Cable and Transmission Systems

Disconnect Switches

Disconnect Switches, Grounding Switches and Switch

Transmission and Substation Structures

T&D Switching, Control and Protection Equipment; Smart Grid

Grounding System Integrity Testing

Ni-Cad Batteries, Racks and Accessories

Hot Stick Applied Voltage, Current

Large Power Transformers

Energy Meters, Meter Test Equipment, Demand

Recorders, Power Transducers and Isolation Relays

Reactors, Line Tuners, Coupling Capacitors, CVT's,

PT's, CT's, Combination Units, Grading Capacitors, and

Replacement Transformer Bushings

DC Power Products

ARE-Mico Chargers and ARE Legacy

Chargers; DC Inverters, DC/DC Converters, AC and DC Power

Fiber Optic Cable, Termination kits and Pulling Equipment, Jumpers



We carry a long line of electrical utilities and tools, click on a sponsored brand to see the items we carry, or scroll down to view Electrical Utilities List. Can't find what you're looking for? Contacts us today to speak with a helpful representative!